Thursday, November 4, 2010


As some of you may have noticed I haven't been very good at bloggin lately... And I think the source of my absence is contentment. I absolutely love my house right now! There are of course a few minor things that I want to change but most of it has to wait until our current roomie moves out.

I search through blogs but find myself uninspired because I officially have run out of space to care out my creativity. So here is my plug... You have seen what Meghan and I do... If you or anyone you know need some help with defining your style, finishing projects around the house, or of course a full home make over is welcome as well. Meghan and I are 100% for hire. We have helped many friends and family with their homes just for fun, or for more important projects... like say staging that house that you are trying to sell. Trust me we can make a normal house suddenly look like it belongs in a magazine, with little cash and lots of creativity! 

Please keep us in mind.... before I go crazy and start over decorating my house!!! Make it stop... I need another canvas!!! HELP! 


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