Monday, November 1, 2010

My inspiration board... hope you enjoy!

I know, I know... MORE WEDDING, but these are so great! If all goes to plan my wedding will be a beautiful collage of these images. I have to give credit where credit is due... I would have none of this with The Amazing Danya Star Thompson!!!  

hello succulents! 
 I live in Arizona, I find succulents a completely appropriate for this setting... and how beautifully do the mix with flowers! Should everything be with in budget I totally want to add these beauts to my tables... mixed with my pumpkins of course, gotta mix it up~

 exchange pickles for jalepeno jam and voila!


All images from the most amazing blog that Meghan missed on her blog shout out... YESPLEASEBLOG.BLOGSPOT.COM

ciao, m.e. 

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  1. E--this is your board right? This would be a really cute touch to the would/candle/branch centerpieces on your inspiration board--!