Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shoe Fetish

Courtesy of Christian Loubiton

My darling mommy hooked me up with some amazing shoes for my birthday, which just happen to be red satin....could these be my perfect wedding shoes, of course! I saw a super cute idea online a few weeks ago, and decided to borrow it...I used blue crystals to create the words "I DO" on the bottom of my new satin babies, hello gorgeous....

Thanks Mom!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blog fabulousity

I am obsessed with so many blogs these days, including breadnbudda of course!

Courtesy of Brooklyn Bride

Please check out the following for some serious lifestyle inspiration!!!...Miss Erin, please feel free to add to this list....

and my absolute favorite blog right now....

Elizabeth is creating some incredible letterpressed save the dates for me right now, that have melted my heart...she is an incredible designer, and blogger and has the cutest dogs ever!!! After she prints my save the dates, i will get her permission to post them! :)...amazing!!!

Please let me know what I am missing on this list, I am sure there are thousands, and they could pretty much occupy every moment of my life:)...

Ciao for now,

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Budget Bride

I will again apologize in advance for the next year or so, that will probably be consumed mostly by mine and Erin's wedding planning....
But, come on, who doesn't love a wedding?:) I am 4 months and counting away from being Mrs. Richard Wise II and I cannot begin to tell you how excited that makes me!

Budget is of course always a concern, especially right now when our economy is in a pretty scary state, but the show must go on, and I intend on doing any budget-smart project I can, on my own if possible.

Yesterday, Miss Erin envisioned and created a gorgeous baby shower for her sister-in-law (who by the way is more than 6 months pregnant and looks insanely beautiful and radiant), and it gave me so much inspiration for my own event. She ordered the most adorable "poms" from Etsy (our favorite webstite) and they turned out so well, that I thought to myself....why can't I create these myself????

So, I am ;). I am starting small and slow, and I am also
going to take my own creative deviations....we will see where it takes me, yikes!

My wedding theme is 50's vintage carnival, and as you may know already if you read my last post, I am having such a blast searching the internet for ideas and insights form fellow brides. My colors are red, and different shades of Tiffany blue, and I have been finding so many unique and fun things to give a nod to my theme! Below you will see my wedding inspiration, as well as my new tissue paper flower creations. I am so in love with carnations "the poor bride's rose" and I can't wait to incorporate millions of them, real and paper, into our event.


My Newest Creations:

Ciao for now!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wedding Creations

Ok, so I have been a very bad blogger lately. My deepest apologies, however, I am now engaged...and what could be more fun than being engaged with your best friend?!? Too bad, we are both the contributors to this site, and therefore not all of our attentions have been turned to blogging as of late:)....

But, I have decided
that I want to share my planning extravaganzas with all of you, and thus kill two birds with one stone!

I have been religiously searching wedding sites, blogs and googl
e images the past couple of weeks, and I have come across so many amazing and wonderful ideas. We live in such a creative world, and technology has only made people more and more i

I have been scouring Etsy, The Knot, and countless wedding blogs and I will begin to share the things I find with you. Some have inspired me to cr
eate on my own, and some artists are so amazing that I have reached out to people I would never know if not for technology to create for me. And because of the world wide web, I have already made some incredible new friends....

I am stealing some great ideas, and hopefully coming up with some originals as is one I have been working on tonight, that I borrowed inspiration for online!

I found these very cool necklaces online, but nothing worked with my wedding I decided to try and create my own. I have only tried organza thus far, but satin is my next endeavor! I have only gotten as far as five flowers, but I think I am getting somewhere:).....


It was a little dangerous, as I used a candle to singe the edges, but I still have most of my skin, so it was worth it!

My new flower creations:


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ode to my Hair

Oh how I love being a girl!

I woke up this morning feeling fat and frumpy.
I hated every article of clothing in my closet.
No matter how much make up I put on, I had just lost my glow.
And my dear sweet Betsy returned my glow this evening.
There is nothing a couple hours in a salon can't fix! 
Well the salon and of course, being a blonde! 
Betsy has given me back my swagger, that little angle that sits on my shoulder that is not good or bad, but more of a cheerleader... the one that says "HEY, YOU LOOK HOT TODAY". Betsy has rightfully returned her to my shoulder to whisper sweet somethings into my ear all day.

Thanks my dear Betty. 

Anyone that has lost their swagger angel give Miss Betsy Bakken a call... Beauty by Veronica (480) 874-8889 in old town Scottsdale.

Ciao, M.E.


Monday, October 18, 2010

paper products

I am on a mission... invitation inspiration! One of my fabulous gal pals D-Thomp is helping me with my wedding invitations and whatnot. (Side note: always great to have talented friends, I always recommend surrounding yourself with inspiring people!) My current job is to find her stuff I love for her to use on the invitations. My wedding is going to be informal so I plan on my invitations setting that tone... a beautiful combination of colors and patterns that don't necessarily match but compliment! 

Here are a couple patterns that have caught my eye:

I found these beauties @ walnut wallpapers.

and this guy @
Does anyone have an recommendations on great fabric sites for more ideas!?

For all that happen to be less fortunate than I and don't have someone to help them customize their invites... there are some super fun ideas @ that are all ready for you to print. Check it out!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Disappearing Act...

So we have been pretty nonexistent lately... we all have those times when life just catches up with you. First, I must apologize. I know many of you look forward to our blogs each and everyday, I can only imagine the sleep that has been lost over our absence. 
We promise to be back in action fully next week... Please forgive us.

I leave you with this adorable photo from both Meg's and My Wedding Photographers blog. Because who can't forgive that face?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Great Pumpkin Patch

The weather has finally started to turn this week, which means it is finally starting to feel like fall. This puts me in the mood to start searching for the perfect pumpkin! It's all well and fine to buy a pumpkin at your local grocery store, but what is way more fun and much more festive is to go to your local pumpkin patch. They often not only have a wonderful assortment of pumpkins, they generally have lots of activities to put you and your family in the spooky spirit, and yummy food too:)...
Here are some places to try around the Valley!

Schnepf Farms:
24810 South Rittenhouse Road
Queen Creek, Arizona 85242

Tolmachoff Farms:
5726 N. 75th Ave.
Glendale, AZ. 85303
1/4 mile south of Bethany Home Road on the west side of 75th Ave

Macdonald's Farm:
26540 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85255-9343480.585.0239

Desert Botanical garden:
Great Pumpkin Festival
1201 N. Galvin Parkway
Phoenix, AZ 85008

Happy Hunting!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Some may love fall decor... but I will always love Halloween! The candy treats, and spooky decorations, I just can't resist jumping into the holiday! Check out my Halloween decor this year... 

Here is my table centerpiece... a cake stand with an awesome pumpkin candy jar (thanks Gma Madge!) filled with the season's best sweet, candy corn of course! I found the crow and skeleton at the dollar store (total score) and the rocks with Halloween jargon chalked on was an idea straight out of Pottery Barn... 

 My window has total black & white holiday spirit. Many more dollar store finds (pumpkins, crow, skull, skeleton)

It's the little things too...

 I like to add little touches throughout the house as well... here are a few canisters that I added some spook to! 

This birdcage sits out year-round, but suddenly just a little spider web and creepy crawlies... and it's dressed for the season! 

 My coffee table & side table have a little spirit as well!

I find that you don't have to spend a lot on holiday decorations to still have fun! The dollar store & Micheal's have a lot to offer within all budgets! And remember to save you decorations from year to year, it so much fun building a collection and finding new fun things to do with it each year! 

Happy Decorating!