Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rainy days are here again....

It is pouring outside, and this is pretty rare for us Arizona folk!
It totally inspires me to start creating and designing for my upcoming nuptials. The amazing stationary gal, Elizabeth Bardwell ( ,) sent over some jpegs for me to play with today, I added some pizazz and you will see these babies appear again at the wedding:)!

Her designs are amazing, and they match the perfect guest book poster I found on Martha Stewart Weddings, which was a free download that I doctored a bit, and took to my local printer. I had it blown up to 16x20, and I think it looks fabulous!

Check it all out!


I am sure I will change them a little more, but I can't wait to add these into our soiree!

Caio for now,

Monday, December 27, 2010

....and a Happy New Year!!!

Hello out there our faithful followers! It has been quite a year for us bread n' budda girls! Not only one, but two engagements, lots of fun decorating tips, and the birth of our very own blog. I am honored to get to do this wth my best friend, and though we aren't always on the ball with our posts, they are usually worth the wait:).....
I only have one new years resolution; make 2011 the best damn year ever, and since we both have such bright events in this coming yar, I am sure we can make
that resolution a reality.

I must give a huge thanks to our men, Rich and Richard, for putting up with our blogging habits, which sometimes take over our lives, computers and cameras, and for all of their support while we pour our souls into this blog:). We love you!!!

So, now that I have done a little butt kissing, check out some fun ideas fro
m Martha Stewart online for New Year's decorating treats. Even if you aren't throwing your own party, who cares? Decorate your own house for a little New Year inspiration!

I must leave you with the cutest pic of me and our little bicyling man....(with his favorite Christmas present, and my favorite Christmas present courtesy of my adoring fiance)

Have a safe and Happy New Year, and until then....cheers


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Where did December go?

Hey All! 

I have been so busy the past couple weeks, with family & friends coming in town for the holidays, and all the festivities. Richard and I had a wonderful Wine & Cheese holiday party on Monday that was amazing... so amazing in fact that I forgot to take any pics to share with you. Sorry... but here some great Holiday party pic ideas.

I must say, we did come up with some amazing cheese snacks! Cheese, cracker, grapes & meat tower. Cheese ball. Brie covered in jalepeno jelly.  Brie wrapped in a pastry with honey & almonds on top served with sliced apples (Allie's recipe) Brie with raspberry jam wrapped in a pastry... We also mixed it up with some spinach dip & meatballs. All amazing! The finger foods were super easy, especially because I worked on Monday and had to have everything ready to go in 30 minutes! Organization is key if you decide to try a week night event. 

You will never believe that I have had my Christmas decorations up since before Thanksgiving in fact... because my camera cord is broken and I haven't been able to down load them for you. Yikes... I sure hope Santa brings me a new one for Christmas because blogging is like impossible without it!

And just in case anyone has any last minute gifts to buy... check out these hot gifts, and their even hotter price tags! Yikes!

Ombré Throw

Turn down the heat and pull up this mink throw. Does it get more luxe? $18,000;

Copain Bracelet by Oscar Niemeyer

He's the most famous Brazilian architect for a reason. Each of his museums, bridges, amphitheaters, and skyscrapers is an example of curvy sensuality. Now you can wear his designs, in 18K yellow gold with diamonds. $15,200;


Reserved Seating Bespoke Silk Scarf Slipper Chair

A fabulous scarf can be worn only so often, right? But on a chair…forever! Designer Suzan Fellman gives vintage scarves new life, covering simple seats with exquisite examples from Lanvin, Chanel, Christian Dior, and more. $6400;

And one last Christmas tip! Good News: Poinsettias are not poisonous to dogs! 



Thank you to Martha Stewart & House Beautiful for providing the images!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa came early....

Thank you, thank you, thank you my darling boy....for the best present I have ever received!!!!

We had to pimp it out a little bit, but it is sooooo awesome. I added a new seat, tassles, basket, basket liner (made by me:),) and some flowers for some girliness! I feel like I am five years old again, and it is fabulous...

Check out Sun Cyclery, for the best selection in Phoenix for cruisers, bells and accessories...

I love it so much, and couldn't possibly ask for anything more...MERRY CHRISTMAS to me!

Thank you again my sweet boy!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cruisin' into Christmas

I need help!!!!

Could someone please tell me which delicious Schwinn to choose for Santa Clause to roll my way on X-mas morning? I seriously cannot decide, and I don't know what to do! I love them both equally, and I am putting it in the hands of my faithful bloggers....

Thanks so much! I look forward to someone else making the decision for me:)


Sunday, December 12, 2010

To top it all off....

Happy.... end of such an amazing weekend that I could just cry:(...the past two days have flown by, but I must say that I have felt extremely productive this weekend! We didn't get the boy's Christmas present hung (a new t.v. for our great room; such a spoiled boy,) but other than that I felt very accomplished!One thing I am so excited to "literally" cross off of my to-do list is
our cake topper. I am so freaking proud of it:). I found similar versions on Etsy for anywhere betw
een $150.00-$200.00, and I can happily say that ours has turned out just as well! I may have a few finishing touches, but I am so excited with the result.

See for yourselves...

the Etsy splurge....

Shop: Together Forever

My version:

The whole thing cost me under $20.00 and about a hundred hours of labor:)...but who cares! It was fun to do!

Have a great week....


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All I want for Christmas...

Photo by Anthropologie

While delving deep into the wedding blogs tonight, after an AMAZING pre-school Christmas recital, I found this gem....

I happened upon an adorable website that, looks, feels, sounds, and smells like Anthropologie, but without the Anthropologie price-tag...let's be honest peeps...who can afford that fabulous place these days???

Check it out!....


Sunday, December 5, 2010

thrift store finds

I am planning a CHEAP wedding:)...therefore, I have to keep my budget in mind constantly. I found some adorable "upcycled" cake stands on etsy, that were made from candlesticks and plates...but they were all super expensive. So I of course decided to make them myself! The Honey and I searched our local Goodwill store on Saturday, and with the help of some spray paint, and epoxy...I think these turned out awesome. BTW, every other Saturday is 1/2 off day at Goodwill, so we got all of our goodies for under $20.00!!!! Such a deal....What do you think?


Friday, December 3, 2010

What a gift Gifted is!

A gift from me to you...

Let me tell you how excited I am to share this with you.. REALLY FRIKIN' EXCITED!!! mostly because I love every inch of this online holiday decor & gift guide.

Dear Santa, I have been a very good girl this year... so I will take one of everything please. 


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bed Head

I have been a terrible blogger and even my bestie who is home with bronchitis has been a better blogger than I...for this I must apologize! I just had to take a moment to share our new headboard. The mister and I made it together and we are proud of our first attempt at this sort of thing:) pic is terrible, but the time we spent together making it is what really counts;)...

Thanks Boo for all of your help!!!


Home Sick....

So here's the deal... I have this little thing called bronchitis. So I have had a lot of time on my hands the past couple days. Lucky for me I happen to have this amazing book I have been reading. I can't get enough! 

I am sure you have seen or heard about these books. Well let me tell you they are every bit as good as you've heard! I am currently on "The Girl Who Played With Fire". Just as good as the first! 

Now if I could just find a Pharmacy that was as great as these books I would be in business! 

I hope you all enjoy these books without a bout of bronchitis. 



Friday, November 19, 2010

Memory Board... Yes please!

Looking for a unique gift for the Holidays... these are totally amazing! 
My Sister-in-law is making these cork/chalk boards. They are custom to order every time. Of course they make excellent wedding gifts as well... hint, hint Cortny! 

I know the pics aren't the best, but it's not hard to imagine how awesome these are hung. 

They take a couple weeks to make so get your orders in ASAP! Holiday special... $175 each. They are handmade by my sissy, she can engrave anything you want, you pick the finish color, and standard size is 36"x36" so totally worth every penny.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Save the date obsession

I came home today, and rushed to my mailbox with anticipation....only to find the most spectacular and unique Save The Date imaginable!

Elizabeth Bardwell, the owner of Blush Design Studio, created such a special save the date suite for us, and I cannot say enough fantastic things about Liz or her talents! She is my new best friend, and I have never even met her before:)...

I found her work on Etsy, the best outlet for creativity on earth, and I am so lucky to have come across this beautiful and talented woman.

Here are some pics of her stunning work:)....

Did I mention that her holiday collection is amazing too??? Visit her on Etsy!

Ciao for now!