Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Where did December go?

Hey All! 

I have been so busy the past couple weeks, with family & friends coming in town for the holidays, and all the festivities. Richard and I had a wonderful Wine & Cheese holiday party on Monday that was amazing... so amazing in fact that I forgot to take any pics to share with you. Sorry... but here some great Holiday party pic ideas.

I must say, we did come up with some amazing cheese snacks! Cheese, cracker, grapes & meat tower. Cheese ball. Brie covered in jalepeno jelly.  Brie wrapped in a pastry with honey & almonds on top served with sliced apples (Allie's recipe) Brie with raspberry jam wrapped in a pastry... We also mixed it up with some spinach dip & meatballs. All amazing! The finger foods were super easy, especially because I worked on Monday and had to have everything ready to go in 30 minutes! Organization is key if you decide to try a week night event. 

You will never believe that I have had my Christmas decorations up since before Thanksgiving in fact... because my camera cord is broken and I haven't been able to down load them for you. Yikes... I sure hope Santa brings me a new one for Christmas because blogging is like impossible without it!

And just in case anyone has any last minute gifts to buy... check out these hot gifts, and their even hotter price tags! Yikes!

Ombré Throw

Turn down the heat and pull up this mink throw. Does it get more luxe? $18,000;

Copain Bracelet by Oscar Niemeyer

He's the most famous Brazilian architect for a reason. Each of his museums, bridges, amphitheaters, and skyscrapers is an example of curvy sensuality. Now you can wear his designs, in 18K yellow gold with diamonds. $15,200;


Reserved Seating Bespoke Silk Scarf Slipper Chair

A fabulous scarf can be worn only so often, right? But on a chair…forever! Designer Suzan Fellman gives vintage scarves new life, covering simple seats with exquisite examples from Lanvin, Chanel, Christian Dior, and more. $6400;

And one last Christmas tip! Good News: Poinsettias are not poisonous to dogs! 



Thank you to Martha Stewart & House Beautiful for providing the images!

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