Sunday, December 12, 2010

To top it all off....

Happy.... end of such an amazing weekend that I could just cry:(...the past two days have flown by, but I must say that I have felt extremely productive this weekend! We didn't get the boy's Christmas present hung (a new t.v. for our great room; such a spoiled boy,) but other than that I felt very accomplished!One thing I am so excited to "literally" cross off of my to-do list is
our cake topper. I am so freaking proud of it:). I found similar versions on Etsy for anywhere betw
een $150.00-$200.00, and I can happily say that ours has turned out just as well! I may have a few finishing touches, but I am so excited with the result.

See for yourselves...

the Etsy splurge....

Shop: Together Forever

My version:

The whole thing cost me under $20.00 and about a hundred hours of labor:)...but who cares! It was fun to do!

Have a great week....


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