Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rainy days are here again....

It is pouring outside, and this is pretty rare for us Arizona folk!
It totally inspires me to start creating and designing for my upcoming nuptials. The amazing stationary gal, Elizabeth Bardwell ( ,) sent over some jpegs for me to play with today, I added some pizazz and you will see these babies appear again at the wedding:)!

Her designs are amazing, and they match the perfect guest book poster I found on Martha Stewart Weddings, which was a free download that I doctored a bit, and took to my local printer. I had it blown up to 16x20, and I think it looks fabulous!

Check it all out!


I am sure I will change them a little more, but I can't wait to add these into our soiree!

Caio for now,

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