Monday, December 27, 2010

....and a Happy New Year!!!

Hello out there our faithful followers! It has been quite a year for us bread n' budda girls! Not only one, but two engagements, lots of fun decorating tips, and the birth of our very own blog. I am honored to get to do this wth my best friend, and though we aren't always on the ball with our posts, they are usually worth the wait:).....
I only have one new years resolution; make 2011 the best damn year ever, and since we both have such bright events in this coming yar, I am sure we can make
that resolution a reality.

I must give a huge thanks to our men, Rich and Richard, for putting up with our blogging habits, which sometimes take over our lives, computers and cameras, and for all of their support while we pour our souls into this blog:). We love you!!!

So, now that I have done a little butt kissing, check out some fun ideas fro
m Martha Stewart online for New Year's decorating treats. Even if you aren't throwing your own party, who cares? Decorate your own house for a little New Year inspiration!

I must leave you with the cutest pic of me and our little bicyling man....(with his favorite Christmas present, and my favorite Christmas present courtesy of my adoring fiance)

Have a safe and Happy New Year, and until then....cheers


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