Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Wissing House

I just returned from the most wonderful trip to Rhode Island. I was told that you can drive through the entire state in 45 minutes. But there is far too much to see to take it that fast. As a true zonie, I have hardly seen a building built before 1950, let alone 1850. The homes were so beautiful and classic. It was inspiring to see. 

We visited the most adorable little town, Bristol. We were lucking enough to stay at this amazing bed & breakfast, The Wissing House.  The decor was amazing. Unfortunately it made me want to come home and paint everything I own white! Oh yeah, and I fell in love with ferns!

Did I forget to mention how breathtaking the backyard garden was?

And the front entry.... 

Needless to say.. it was a lovely trip with my honey ...


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