Wednesday, January 5, 2011

52 days and counting...

AHHHHHH...I actually should be freaking out more than I am, as I have gotten barely anything done, and our wedding is 52 short days away, but OH WELL! It will come together, or not, and that is okay with me. This day is all about us and our love (cheesy huh?) and the fact that all we want is to share our happiness with the people we care for most in this world.
Please drool over these adorable pictures as I am, and get some creative inspiration whether you are wedding planning or not.

In the VERY near future Moo (or known to all of you as Erin) and myself will be focusing our efforts on making this little blog of ours a business and a life-long dream come true. Please stay tuned as our ideas become reality, and in the mean time, obsess over these images with me:)!

above photos courtesy of Amorology

photo courtesy of Oh Happy Day


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