Tuesday, August 31, 2010



I just returned from an amazing trip to the mid-west. It's amazing what a trip to a genuine farm will do to your desire for fresh food.

Not only did the farm have corn as far as the eye could see... (mostly feeder corn, check out documentary King of Corn. It's great to see where all that mid-west corn actually goes.)

But Uncle Richard had the most amazing garden... even at the end of his season.

For all of my youth I have wondered why grape soda tastes the way it does. I have had many grapes in my day but none of them taste anything like a grape jolly rancher either. Well I discovered it! A Concord grape plucked right off the vine! So that is what I have been missing all this time. And that artificial flavoring finally made sense. 

You say tomato... I say ORGANIC tomato!

If you have never had an organic tomato, please leave your house immediately and go to your nearest market and pick one up. I recommend just a little salt and pepper on top, cottage cheese if you like it. 
If you have the ability to grow them yourself I highly recommend it, the flavor is even more intense straight from the garden.

Just a few other summer garden finds... Banana Peppers & Armenian Cucumbers!

Of course no trip to a farm is complete without a ride in the John Deere! And yes, that is me in the driver seat... watch out!

As summer is drawing to an end, we rapidly approach a new planting season! 

My Richard and I find UofA's planting guide very useful. They have a planting guide by month specifically for Maricopa County. Check it out... and get started on your fall planting!


If you're not a Do It Yourselfer when it comes to gardening, try Singh Farms in Scottsdale. It is a 20 acre organic farm just east of the Loop 101 and Thomas Road, close the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Reservation.

Also, support your local Farmer's Markets. 

Scottsdale: The Old Town market located at 1st and Brown st. is closed until Oct. 23rd, but the summer market is open in the Giant's spring ball stadium on Osborn. Saturday 8 to 12.

Tempe: the ASU market opens again October 5th. 

Phoenix (Ahwatukee): Open year round on Warner Rd. west of 48th st. Sunday 8 to 11. 

For more local markets check out the Arizona Community Farmers Markets website. It has all the details you need.

One last note: "It's not (real) food if it arrived through the window of your car." - Michael Pollan



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