Monday, August 30, 2010

Interiors 101

Fall Frenzy

When school starts and the weather starts to change a bit of inspiration comes over me, and this weekend I took on
several tasks....

My new red door is ready for fall!

We all get in the mood to spruce-up and modernize our
homes, sometimes all you need is a little paint and
a couple of great accessories to get the look and feel of something quite expensive.


This literally cost me $3.00! A trip to Home Depot for a
can of Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint, and badda-bing....badda boom, new outdoor lights!

  • By the way, I also used this paint on my door knob, peep hole and door bell...such a huge difference for such a small cost


I also decided to visit my local (and favorite) antique store in search of the "perfect" crocheted blanket (you know, like Grandma used to have)...and boy did I score! These snugglers are making quite a comeback and can be found at garage sales, antique stores, and online at sites such as Some are vintage and some are new, but who cares as long as they are bright, cozy and fun! I do recommend dry-cleaning these items, as you never know where they have been:) are a few we have found that are fabulous and make a statement in any room!

Check out our pics, and have fun hunting!


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