Monday, August 23, 2010


Happy Monday!! Here are a couple Do It Yourself projects we have 
been working on.

Before... not so good.

After... Hello Sunshine!!

Step 1: Remove hardware
Step 2: Find a fun, and here's the trick, SPRAY PAINT color. 
Step 3: Spray 2 coats in a well ventilated area. Trust us, you will need the extra air!
Step 4: Re-install hardware. Idea!! Painting the hardware or adding new hardware updates your look even more!  

This one required a little inspiration from Real Simple magazine...

Step 1: Layout your frames in an alternating or random pattern.
Step 2: Measure the length of your photo collage, and find the center. 
Step 3: Place the center of your collage measurement on the center of your wall.
Step 4: This was the best idea! Take a level and draw a center point line on the wall. And don't work because your pictures will cover it!
Step 5: Start in the middle and hang pictures outward from there! 
Now you have a fantastic, and original photo display! Mix it up with bright colored frames or mattes. 


Have fun creating your own masterpiece. 


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