Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hostess with the Most-est

Diaper Cake Diva

We all want to look like a perfect host when throwing a party.....especially when throwing a baby shower for a friend or relative. What better way to wow the guest of honor, and new baby, than with a diaper cake? It not only makes a great decoration for the party, but will provide a perfect gift as well.

List of supplies:
  • box of 96 diapers
  • rubber bands
  • wooden dowels
  • round cardboard cake display
  • ribbon
  • baby bottle
  • any adorable small baby accessories
  • glue gun or double sided heavy duty tape

Here are the steps:

I like to sort my diapers into three piles according to the height of my cake ( I like to make a 3-tiered cake)

Start by rolling a diaper like a sleeping bag to create a cylindrical shape. Wrap a rubber-band around the first diaper to keep the shape. Continue rolling your diapers and inserting them into the rubber-banded tier to create your desired diameter.

Place the layer of diapers using either a hot glue gun (the diapers will not be useable afterward:)) or double-stick tape onto the cardboard disk.

Continue with the next two layers, and then dowels inserted through the middle of the cake to create stability.

Next, use ribbon to cover the rubber bands. I prefer to glue the ribbon on.

Then pull out a diaper in your top layer and insert the baby bottle as your cake topper.

After the basic shape is complete have fun! Add themed accessories for the shower, or use the color scheme from the babies room to can be as fun and creative as your own imagination....the finished product is so worth the hard work you have put in, and the look on the mommy-to-be's face will be priceless!

Event Planning Tip:

Visit websites online, such as to get amazing ideas for themes, menus, games and decorating. It is the fastest and easiest way to get yourself organized for the main event!



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