Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's Tailgate Time


Can I tell you that I have heard all a girl can take about fantasy football? But there is something about football that gets me excited for fall. I think it must be the tailgating!! 

Putting together a rockin' tailgate is no easy feat, and though college kids across America do it weekly. Although a good one does take quite a bit of planning. 

Step 1: Get a head count: You need to know how many people to expect before you plan your grub and beer. Always round up, because without fail someone brings a friend or you see someone you know passing in the crowd. If you have leftovers you can always use it for the next game!

Step 2: The main course:  Easy is a must. When you are standing outside and cooking on a fold up grill, there is no room for frills. Think classic, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc. But you can also spice things by cooking the dogs in beer for example. 
A great food idea is to eat your enemy! When playing University of Colorado Buffalo's make Buffalo burgers! Or if your up against the Philadelphia Eagles, Philly Cheese Steaks. This will help to keep your menu from being boring. 

Step 3: Snacks: Football season is made for chips and dips. Any dip you can dream up is perfect for a football game. Just keep climate in consideration. You don't want to serve something that has to stay cold in the middle of an Arizona summer. 

Step 4: Drinks: Beer goes without saying, but you can't forget its counterpart Water, especially when it's so hot the first part of the season. I don't recommend bringing any sort of liquor to a tailgate, most people spend a few hours pre-gaming and liquor might put you over the edge before the game even starts. And nobody likes a drunk, obnoxious fan.

Step 5: Games: Tossing around a pigskin is a must! But don't for get the classic Corn Hole or Tailgate Golf! These games are great because you can buy them ready to go, or you can make them yourself. Bonus : if it's homemade, you can incorporate your teams colors or logos on the game! 

How to make Corn Hole: just check youtube for step by step instructions. 

Where to buy a pre-made game: 

How to make Tailgate Golf: For step by step instructions:

Where to buy pre-made game:

Step 6: Tunes: Music is a must at a tailgate. It gets the group pumped up and ready for the game. Don't forget to download your schools fight song!

Step 7: Spirit: Don't forget your team flare! A painted face or at the very least your team colors! 



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